Marketing Strategies and Tools

  Client Follow-up Marketing Plan
  1. Establish Your Goals for Success
    1. Budget your time investment

    2. Budget your money investment
      1. Client follow-up (examples: magazine program, postcards, etc.)

    3. Identify your return on investment

  2. Set Up a Tracking System
    1. Prepare a single contact management file for each member of your target market and record all of your marketing efforts, results and conversations
    2. Monitor referrals and interest expressed, appointments made, listings acquired and sales closed

  3. Select Your Marketing Tools
    1. Client follow-up criteria to use

      1. Professional image
      2. Appropriate for your target market
      3. Personalization
      4. Affordable
      5. Limited effort

  4. Send Your Message to the Right People
    1. Previous buyers
    2. Previous sellers
    3. Cooperative transaction referral clients

  5. Send the Right Message
    1. "Thank you for your business"
    2. Send something of interest that has value

  6. Effective Client Follow-up Programs
    1. Greeting cards
      1. Avoid congested mailing seasons
      2. Personal special occasions, such as anniversary of home purchase and "no special occasion" cards, are effective
    2. Notecards
    3. Magazine programs
      1. Today's Living magazine
    4. Combination programs with mailing labels, postcards and magazines
      1. ProPower – the ultimate in client follow-up

  7. Follow Up at the Right Time
    1. Continuously and consistently - each contact must be positive and have value
    2. At least two times a year and no more than six times
    3. Staggered throughout the calendar year
    4. Over a five- to six-year period, or until they move again

Implement Your Plan

  1. Distribute your material consistently. Consistency shows stability - one of the most important things home buyers look for in a real estate professional.
  2. Send personalized, client follow-up material over a five- to six-year period.
  3. Each contact sets the stage for the next. Each contact must be positive and have value
  4. Past clients are a rich source of referrals - ask for them!

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