Marketing Strategies and Tools

  Prospecting Marketing Plan
  1. Establish Your Goals for Success

    1. Budget Your Time Investment

    2. Budget Your Money Investment

      1. Property marketing (example: signage)
      2. Prospect marketing (examples: newsletters, self-mailers, etc.)
      3. Activity marketing (examples: just listed, just sold and open house announcements)
      4. Client follow-up (examples: Today's Living magazine)

    3. Identify Your Return on Investment

  2. Identify Your Target Markets

    1. Select the Most Compatible Prospect Type

      1. Committed to working with you
      2. Realistic about value
        1. Value of your services
        2. Value of the home
      3. Educable - They listen when you talk
      4. Affable - They like you, and you like them
      5. Motivated - They're motivated and want to work with you

  3. Set Up a Tracking System

    1. Prepare one sheet for each member of your target market and record all of your marketing efforts and results

  4. Select Your Marketing Tools

    1. Criteria to Use

      1. Professional image
      2. Appropriate for your target market
      3. Personalization
      4. Call to action
      5. Affordable
      6. Limited effort

    2. Start with the Basics

      1. Business cards, stationery & note cards/pads
      2. Newsletters
      3. Just listed/just sold/open house announcements
      4. Self-mailers
      5. Oversized recipe cards
      6. Send personal notes
      7. Name badge
      8. FSBO Drip Pack TM
      9. Signage
      10. Listing presentation portfolio
      11. Web site

  5. Plan Your Marketing Efforts

    1. According to the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, it takes at least 8-12 contacts a year before your direct mail program begins to show stability and generate awareness. Consistent mailings with a consistent look are the key to long-term success.

  6. Send a Letter of Introduction

    1. Ask permission to stay in contact.

  7. Remember each contact sets the stage for the next. Each contact must be positive and have value.

Implement Your Plan

  1. Distribute your materials consistently. Consistency shows stability - one of the most important things buyers look for in a real estate professional.
  2. Send out just listed/just sold/open house announcements to show your success to prospects.
  3. Contact each person in your farm list on a consistent basis with information that has value today.
  4. Send personal notes. Examples: congratulating a business promotion, when you see their name in an article (enclose the article), etc.
  5. Keep accurate records and periodically evaluate your share of the market.
  6. Develop your Web site - make it easy for people to find you.

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