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  Relationship Marketing Leads to Long-term Success
Real estate sales professionals have long understood that one of the most valuable sources of new business is referrals. Developing personal relationships with clients leads to future business. According to the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, real estate professionals reported that 66 percent of their business was a direct result of a referral. Referrals include friends, family and associates of satisfied customers. Leading real estate professionals have built strong businesses by playing the expanding referral game-using their family, friends and associates to grow their sphere of influence.

There has been a shift in marketing in recent years, however. Multiple brands of commodity products are constantly jockeying for position as the preferred choice among consumers. Advertising budgets and advertising messages have increased dramatically. The average consumer is barraged with over 5,000 mass-marketing advertising messages every day. It's information overload. Some real estate professionals try to break through all that clutter with mass-marketing messages of their own.

With all those messages out there each day, most real estate professionals find it difficult to rise above the clutter, to stand out when they talk to you. Interruption marketing just doesn't work well in real estate.

Relationship marketing is not a new concept. It was the way most people sold products in the pre-industrial revolution days. They knew their customers by name. They did business with their neighbors and friends, and they maintained a close personal relationship through regular communication.

Developing a personal relationship with your clients is a proven method to generate new business. It involves a long-term commitment to communicating with them, identifying and meeting their needs. For the busy real estate professional, a personalized direct mail marketing program is the most valuable method to provide that consistent one-to-one communication to a large number of their past and future customers.

Knowledge, care and commitment will always be important to consumers. The very best way to remind your clients and prospects of your skills and abilities is through the use of professional, valuable newsletters and client follow-up programs.

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